Case Study

How Citizens Coffee Raised Over $1M+ in 60 Days


Citizens Coffee, an Australian cafe group with multiple locations around New York City, found themselves in a bit of a pinch for funds. They had a successful business model, great financial track record, and even grew during the pandemic, but they needed additional capital in order to continue scaling their brand.

That’s when the leadership team at Citizens Coffee approached Porter Media for support with a very specific goal.


$1.07 million dollars… That was the fundraising goal that Citizens Coffee engaged us to help raise on crowdfunding site, At the time, they lacked a concrete strategy to hit their fundraising goal, and what’s more, the team had limited resources for ad spend.

So, the team turned to Porter Media to deliver and execute a tactile strategy that would garner attention from the right audience, solicit a message that resonates with investors, and finally raise the desired funds.


With a limited marketing budget, the team at we needed a lean, mean, marketing strategy that optimized for each dollar spent. After conducting thorough research & analysis on the market landscape and past fundraising success stories, we helped Citizens Coffee execute the following activities:

  • Finding the right audience was crucial – so we developed an offline & online strategy that targeted individuals who had previously used Republic before as well as actively invested in past equity raises. 
  • From there, we developed ad creatives that highlighted Citizen Coffee’s strong financial history, in order to demonstrate potential future returns for investors.
  • To target the right investors, we utilized Republic's available audiences and developed a cold outreach strategy through Linkedin.
  • We established partnerships with conglomerates that frequently invest in these types of raises.
  • Use paid social as a way to generate demand and amplify investment hype.


Leveraging this strategy, Citizens Coffee was able to raise $1.22M within 60 days, and they enjoyed a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 12x– meaning for every $1 we spent, we returned were $12.

This Citizens Coffee spotlight demonstrates how the team at Porter Media spends each marketing dollar like it comes from our own pocket, to achieve ambitious goals for the entrepreneurs we serve. The team at Porter Media are experts at helping companies scale from 7 to 8 figures,  and in this instance, raise 7 figures in less than 60 days.

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