Case Study

Deco TV Frames: $0 to 8 Figures in 2 Years


Deco TV Frames had a unique opportunity on their hands – they sold a completely untested product line for a hyper-focused, yet sizable demographic.

For homeowners who hung Samsung’s The Frame TV on their walls to display digital art, Deco TV Frames offered a collection of 16 premium traditional and contemporary suited frame styles that truly transformed the Samsung Frame TV into a masterpiece. Deco TV Frames knew that art and frames went hand-in-hand, but would the same hold true for the digital world?


Deco TV Frames brought on the team to effectively boost their digital presence in a way that highlighted the benefits of their new product. Besides being a completely new product with no previous history to leverage, Deco TV Frames were only compatible with the Samsung Frame TV, which carved out an extremely specific niche for the TV frame brand.

The team at Porter Media needed a way to find this niche, identify the types of customers, and create content that would both appeal to their target audience and generate demand.


Tasked with an interesting new challenge, the team got to work clearly defining Deco TV Frame’s key value propositions, target audience, and digital marketing approach.

Porter Media first identified the business’s unique capabilities, background, and product features as the cornerstone of their strategy.

Here are the core activities that we executed on behalf of Deco TV Frames: 

  • First, the team crafted a clear messaging strategy that associated Deco TV Frames success as highly intertwined with the success of the Samsung Frame TV, even clearly articulating the Deco TV Frames was an authorized reseller of the Samsung product. The core messaging put a heavy focus on the ease of installation and the benefits of Deco TV Frames compared to its sparse competition. We also opted to utilize the owner’s previous business, Frame My TV, to position itself as long-standing experts in the field of TV Frames.
  • Next, the team at Porter Media produced ad creatives that both highlighted the key product features and made it easy for shoppers to visualize what the Deco TV Frames could look like in their home.
  • From there, the team then geo-targeted TV & Audio Visual conferences to raise awareness amongst a defined group and generate interest.
  • Additionally, the team at Porter Media engaged with influencers in the home decor space to generate interest and awareness on social media from trustworthy, verified sources.
  • Because this was a new product line, Porter Media revamped the sales funnel to reduce cost per acquisition (CPA); shoppers were offered a sample, then using core email & SMS flows, shoppers were nudged from buying a sample to buying a full frame.

To further capitalize the complementary nature of the Deco TV Frame with the Samsung Frame TV, Porter Media crafted a remarketing campaign for users who didn’t yet have the TV, but wanted to purchase the Samsung Frame TV after finding the Deco TV Frame. Generating our own demand for our flagship products.


Within 2 years, the completely unprecedented Deco TV Frame exploded from $0 in revenue to more than 8 figures in revenue. Leveraging this intuitive and data-backed digital marketing strategy, Deco TV Frames experienced the following:

  • Scaled from $0 to 8 figures in 2 years
  • Boosted 5x return on ad spend (ROAS) on average
  • Business specific flows became our best performing email flow (sample to frame push)
  • Scaled IG followers from 0 to 80k

This completely new product line was sure to put our approach to the test, yet the team at Porter Media delivered another success story for the hard-working entrepreneurs at Deco TV Frames. Leveraging our expertise around messaging, targeting, and understanding our clients customer journey, we were able to help scale this business from 0 figures to 8 figures within 2 years, profitably. 

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