Case Study

Muslin Comfort: 514% Revenue Growth YoY, 3.5x Facebook ROAS, 26.73% Revenue From Email & SMS


Working as a trial attorney, Shyla, mother of 2 boys, never thought she’d bring a product to market. But after too many postpartum night sweats while harboring some envy for her son’s breathable muslin blankets, Shyla wondered why there weren’t muslin blankets for adults. After sourcing and prototyping with high quality materials, Muslin Comfort was born and her (and many of her customers’) night-sweats were gone! Fast-forward to late Q4 2020, Muslin Comfort was concerned about how they were going to scale profitably. That’s when they reached out to Porter Media.

“In my experience, most paid media managers simply take the account, run the ads, and hope for the best. Porter Media provided a holistic assessment of my business, and helped me as an individual understand which levers could be pulled in an effort to optimize profitability.” – Ross Greenberg, Marketing Manager @ Muslin Comfort


Muslin Comfort had been running into scaling issues with their advertising, spending $30,000 per month with difficulty moving beyond that. What’s more, they had no retention marketing in place to support their paid acquisition efforts – meaning no email, no SMS. In fact, email & SMS for the year prior to engaging Porter Media made up only 0.82% of their revenue.

Yet after the company grew nearly 1,000% from the previous year, it was time to rethink how the business can grow holistically, at scale, as the product was proven to be a successful fit in the market.

Porter Media was tapped to help Muslin Comfort scale top-line growth (revenue) while improving bottom line growth (net profit).


Tasked with growing top-line revenue and also improving bottom line margins, the team at Porter Media crafted a holistic strategy that would not only capture more site traffic, but convert visitors into customers. Porter Media helped Muslin Comfort implement the following solutions: 

  • We first implemented core email & sms flows with automation best practices, in order to improve the shopper journey with a uniquely branded experience that only Muslin Comfort could provide. This would also inspire repeat purchases via retargeting email & sms flows.
  • From there, we partnered with SEO specialists to focus on paid social, specifically Facebook & Instagram, to acquire new customers for the brand. After iterating, creating, and testing a wide selection of creative assets, all with different angles, hooks, and value propositions, we crafted a visual communication strategy that would resonate with their target audience.
  • To execute this strategy, Porter Media helped Muslin Comfort develop and focus on still images that showcased the product, because they severely outperformed any other gifs, video assets, & UGC. 
  • Finally, by focusing on driving traffic to the flagship product, the 365 Blanket, we created upsell opportunities with complimentary products either as a repeat purchase or as a bundle before checkout.


After actioning Muslin Comfort’s core email/sms flows, their revenue retention skyrocketed by 3,000% – from 0.86% to 20-30% on average. Last year in 2021, email & SMS now represented 30% of their businesses revenue alone. Additionally, through the efforts of Porter Media, Muslin Comfort experienced the following results:

  • 514% YoY Revenue Growth
  • 3.46x Facebook return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • 26.73% of revenue coming from email 

As this customer success story illustrates, email & SMS can be one of the most powerful tools that entrepreneurs have in their toolkit to generate more revenue AND minimize ad spend. Through targeted paid search and effective retargeting campaigns on every step of the shopper journey, we turned Muslin Comfort’s sweet dreams into a reality. 

“In addition to their paid media management producing great results, I have also become a more strategic thinker as a result of our working relationship. The direction of our business and knowledge of the ecommerce landscape are forever changed for the better as a result of working with Porter Media and being in their orbit.”– Ross Greenberg, Chief Operating Officer @ Muslin Comfort

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