Case Study

Project Warpath: Exploded From 5 to 7 Figures in 7 Months, Profitably


With the right message, acquiring an online audience is relatively straightforward: create valuable content, reach the right ears, and grow consistently.

That’s what we did with this online retailer did after discovering their significant following of raving fans on Instagram. Our goal? Convert that audience into customers. This was the real challenge.


The client was having a difficult time scaling beyond $100 per day, without over-spending on advertising and eating into their profit margins. Even with a rabid fan base, edgy style, and great margins., the client was experiencing:

  • Low Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Low repeat purchase rate
  • Low 60-day lifetime value (LTV)

The client came to Porter Media with the goal of scaling their brand from 5 to 7 figures, profitably.


After analyzing the client’s messaging, sales funnel, and business model, the team at Porter Media identified key activities that would fill the gaps in their current online sales strategy. These core activities included:

  • Identifying a flagship product and messaging
  • Build out core email & SMS flows
  • Create opportunities to upsell with complimentary products
  • Encourage higher AOV with tiered offers and discounts
  • Expand flagship message to other products 
  • Focus on control campaigns (e.g., cost cap & bid cap)

To identify the client’s core messaging and flagship product, the team at Porter Media reviewed comments on their organic posts to tease out a brand voice, angle, and messaging that would resonate well with the audience.

Regarding the flagship product, Porter Media helped the client test dynamic product ads & carousels. Once the clear favorite was found, we centered our strategy entirely around the product and messaging.  

Then, we implemented core email & SMS flows along with a combination of control campaigns (i.e., cost cap & bid caps) and lowest cost campaigns to ensure every dollar that was spend was efficient spend.


Leveraging this strategy, all within 7 months, the client experienced the following results:

  • The client’s flagship product grew to generate over 80% of sales; not to mention, the client expanded their product portfolio to offer similar products that carried similar messaging.
  • The client generated over $1m in revenue, with a 20% earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (i.e., EBITDA).
  • Average return on ad spend (ROAS) doubled – meaning the customer made more profit per advertising $ spent.
  • 30% of revenue was produced from email/sms
  • The client’s 60-day LTV lift improved to 20%

This client spotlight serves as proof that the right message paired with the right digital marketing strategy is truly a recipe for ecommerce success. The team at Porter Media are experts at helping companies scale from 7 to 8 figures,  and in this instance, from 5 to 7 figures, profitably. 

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