Case Study

V-Flat World: 142% Revenue Growth YoY, 3.2x New Customer ROAS, 400% Lift in Repeat Customers


V-Flat, an online retailer that primarily focuses on photography backdrops & accessories, selling highly-effective products that genuinely enhance the quality and depth of photographers’ images.

But wtih high price points and lack of strategy for retention, V-Flat World was relying too heavily on paid ads for acquisition to scale.


V-Flat tapped us to develop an email and paid acquisition strategy that would identify who their target audience is, engage them regularly with valuable content, and finally generate affinity and loyalty within their current customer base. The current challenges to realizing the goals were:

  • V-Flat’s email marketing service provider was dated with limited visibility into their revenues
  • No email core flows & campaign schedule
  • Meta/IG results were diminishing with unoptimized creative
  • No systematic creative testing strategy


We built from the ground up, starting with defining a clear-cut retargeting campaign that would turn beloved audience on social into paying customers. From there, the team needed to acquire a good understanding of who the V-Flat target audience was and what resonates with them.

To profitably scale V-Flat’s digital marketing capabilities, the team executed the following core activities:

  • Based on shopping habits and reviews, we identified two clear-cut customer segments for V-Flat – food photographers and human/model photographers.
  • From there, we implemented core email flows that would capture the traffic we're bringing to the site for a more refined customer journey and online shopping experience, not to mention we also migrated these flows to Klaviyo for better analytics and insights.
  • Next, we restructured ad accounts for long-term success, focusing on creative performance, audience testing and scaling!
  • FInally, we utilized creators' content for both white-listing & UGC to create a sense of community with V-Flat products as a crucial cornerstone in photography.


Armed with a modernized customer journey, V-Flat World has been able to generate higher revenues through repeat customers, improve their return on ad spend (ROAS), and boost customer lifetime value. Here’s what they achieved by the numbers:

  • 142% increase in sales YoY
  • 400% increase in returning customers
  • 4.03 LTV/CPA (Lifetime Value / Cost per Acquisition) – this means that for every $1 spent acquiring a new customer through paid advertising, the business made $4.03 back in revenue. 
  • 27% of Revenue coming from Email
  • 3.2x new customer ROAS

At Porter Media, we advise our clients that a proper retention strategy is one of the most effective tools a business can use to profitably scale their revenues and improve their customer LTV.

As illustrated in our V-Flat World customer success story, even high price point items with no expiration date can generate return customers with the right customer journey.

The team at Porter Media are experts at crafting customer journeys that offer value to customers and encourage repeat purchases by building a sense of community.

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