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Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has experienced tremendous growth and is still the largest social media platform in the world. With over 2.9 billion active monthly users, the potential to reach your target audience is immense. Although younger generations may favor apps like TikTok and Instagram, they still use Facebook for many reasons.

No matter what an individual's reason is for having a Facebook account, one thing is certain – they're going to come across Facebook ads. Facebook advertising is an effective way to target a particular audience based on their likes, dislikes, and demographics. But while it offers incredible advertising opportunities, not all businesses are finding success on the massive platform.


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Facebook Advertising

Why Use Facebook Ads?

With other social media platforms becoming increasingly popular, some may wonder if it's even worth advertising on Facebook. However, no matter how rapidly these other apps have grown, Facebook still has the most users, so it's worth putting in the effort to create an effective Facebook advertising campaign.

You Can Customize Your Ads and Target a Specific Audience

It’s a Cost-Effective Way to Advertise to a Massive Audience

You Can Target Facebook Users Who’ve Interacted with Your Business

Don't count Facebook out! While it may be one of the older social media platforms, it still has the highest number of active daily users. You can quickly increase engagement on your posts and drive traffic to your site directly from Facebook.

What Does a Facebook Advertising Agency Do?

Working with a Facebook advertising agency eases the stress and frustration of developing the best marketing strategy for the social media platform. Even if you don't have experience using Facebook, our marketing professionals will work with you to build a highly effective strategy that helps you boost visibility and receive more traffic on your website. Agency experts can:

Develop the Most Creative Concepts

Work with You to Create Assorted Content

Target Your Ideal Audience with Advertisements

Track Ad Analytics to Determine What Works Best

The help of an expert Facebook advertising agency like Porter Media may be just what you need to get more attention for your brand online and drive more sales for your store.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

How to Build Your Brand and Get Customers on Facebook

If you want to build a brand and get customers on Facebook, take a few simple steps that are bound to help you on this journey.

Give Your Business Account a Professional Touch

Start Posting Different Types of Content to Your Page

Make It a Priority to Interact with Your Followers

What Makes Facebook Unique?

While you can advertise on various social media platforms to reach groups of people, there are a few different things about Facebook that make it unique. Because it offers several features that other platforms don't, the platform is still a great place to be for advertisers.

It Has a Broader and Larger Audience Than Other Platforms

Routine Upgrades to the Platform Keep It Modern and Fresh

Facebook Offers Multiple Ways to Stay Connected

Brands Have the Option of Going Live on Facebook

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

Benefits of Facebook Ads

If you’re planning to post at least one Facebook ad, you can reach a vast audience while gaining more followers and more web traffic. These are some of the benefits of Facebook ads:

Target the Right People

Create Engaging Advertisements

Get New Followers


The Best Advertising Practices on Facebook

Before you start advertising on Facebook, these best practices can help you increase your chances of success on the platform.

Keep the Text to a Minimum

Don't Use Clickbait

Cater to All Users

Following the best advertising practices on Facebook will help you adjust to using the platform and achieve your marketing goals.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

Advertising Options Available on Facebook

Did you know there is more than one way to post a Facebook ad for millions of people to see? It's yet another great reason to use this huge social media platform to your advantage. Here are some of the many ways to advertise:

Image Advertisements

Carousel Advertisements

Video Advertisements

These are only some of the several ways to post a Facebook ad as a business owner. In addition, Facebook advertising agency experts can help you create the highest quality content for different ad campaigns – one that not only gets you clicks but also helps to convert more people into buyers.

Facebook advertising is critical in helping businesses reach their desired audience while gaining more web traffic. If you're managing a brand and want to boost its visibility, it is still a good time to utilize this massive social media platform to reach millions of people per day. Working with an expert Facebook ad agency like Porter Media will make marketing your business on Facebook a stress-free experience that gets you likes, clicks and conversions not only in a post-iOS14 world but also well into the future.


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