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We bring stability, scale, and profit to your brand. Attention is the ultimate currency, but it means nothing if you’re not converting that traffic into paying customers. That’s where we come in as your New York City advertising agency.

We develop and implement brand-specific strategies to ensure profitability from the very first sale to the end of your online advertising.


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Advertising and Digital Marketing

Our goal is to become an extension of your team as we build a predictable business that makes your dreams become reality.

From content creation to media buying, to website design and development, to ensuring your customers want to purchase from you over and over again, we work with you hand-in-hand to ensure your customers have an everlasting experience.

Digital Marketing is a game of math and creativity. We believe in full transparency, which is why we adopted and share the formula we use to best explain the complex worked of eCommerce growth in a simplistic way.

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Scale profitability with our complete package of services through a holistic approach to your business.

Paid Social

As one of our core offerings, we work with you by modeling out your break-even points, target ROAs, and plan for predictable revenue. We set you up for success by:

1. Auditing your current ad account
2. Generating ad copy that converts
3. Producing creatives that convert
4. Structuring and simplifying your ad account for success.
5. Setting and scaling budgets
6. Refreshing copy and creative as necessary

Email Marketing

We want your Email revenue to account for at least 25% of your revenue. To make that happen, we focus on acquiring and retaining new customers with an emphasis on Pop-up, Flows, and Campaigns.


This is where potential customers who have not purchased or are not yet on your email list are able to opt-in to receive offers, exclusive information, and updates. Our goal is to get you a 5% to 10% opt-in rate.


Through automated emails set in place to produce predictable revenue, our core flows include:

1. Anywhere between 2 to 6 emails on average
2. A/B testing subject lines & pre-header text
3. Welcome Series
4. Post-Purchase including abandon checkout, abandoned cart, browse abandonment, and any specialty flows specific to your business
5. Improving open & click-through rates

Once in place, our mission is to improve your revenue per email.


Scheduled emails throughout the month provide education, new updates, offers, and information about your brand. We find events that resonate with your company and align with your values and distribute consistent email blasts based on a custom content calendar.

Our Email Marketing services include:

1. Mapping out a users journey by what actions they have/have not taken
2. Designing an experience that will resonate with the audience.
3. Crafting copy that will have them take our desired action.

Additional New York City Advertising Services We Offer

Paid Social

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest direct response marketing.

Paid Search

We offer Google Search and Google Shopping advertising to ensure your business income is top of mind.

SMS Marketing

SMS automation and campaigns that engage your audience, build your community and drive sales.

Email Marketing

Copywriting, design and automation to engage your audience, build your community and drive sales.


We test, build and optimize shopify websites to optimize the customer experience and drive sales.

Creative That Converts

Scroll-stopping ads that are contextualized to the customer’s wants and needs that evoke action.



What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency in NYC helps you grow your business. Through paid email and social services, as well as a variety of other services, you can reach more customers and increase profits. Creative marketing agencies give you the insight you need to expand your target audience. At Porter Media advertising NYC, we utilize well-thought-out marketing strategies based on your business’ history and needs.

What does an advertising agency do?

An advertising agency in New York provides paid advertising and retention marketing. This can include advertising through social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Google. Our New York advertising agency can also provide Email Marketing and SMS Marketing services for the most effective media campaigns.

What are the services offered by advertising agencies?

As your digital ad agency in New York, we offer the following services: Email Marketing, Paid Social, Paid Search, SMS Marketing, UI/UX/CRO, and Creative Advertising. Porter Media brings is a full-service marketing agency, giving you every marketing solution needed for a winning equation.

Is it essential to use an advertising agency?

An advertising agency in New York City can directly influence customer purchasing, ultimately increasing sales and revenue. While you may be doing fine without social media marketing, you will also never know the potential results of an advertising agency in NY until you dive in. Schedule a consultation with our digital marketing experts and develop the ideal internet marketing strategy with Porter Media. 

Why do businesses in New York, NY need advertising agencies?

A New York advertising agency can help your business increase sales and revenue through a variety of digital marketing tactics. At Porter Media, we create a custom plan designed to increase traffic to your site. The result is long-term customers and direct sales.

What kind of services are provided by a creative digital agency?

At Porter Media, we offer Email Marketing, Paid Social, Paid Search, SMS Marketing, UI/UX/CRO, and Creative Advertising. We provide extensive marketing efforts to increase your profits in New York, NY. We go further than other digital marketing agencies to keep sales consistent and customers coming in.

What are the advantages of using an agency?

Looking for the most powerful digital strategy available? It’s digital marketing. After all, it’s the digital age and almost every potential customer is online, giving you a much broader reach. Businesses with a smaller budget can expand their online marketing through advertising on social media for a fraction of the price of what it used to cost to advertise through more traditional methods. Additionally, digital marketing strategy efforts are measurable. That means you’re able to see exactly which ad campaigns and social media efforts are increasing website traffic, direct clicks, and product sales, and which campaigns need to be adjusted.

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