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Email Marketing

Generate 20-30% more business with an effective targeting and retargeting email campaign.

Stay Top of Mind

Avoid the dreaded ‘unsubscribe’ button – we’ll help you develop and execute an automated campaign with effective email marketing that boosts your click-rate and provides real value to your customer.

Inspire Repeat Purchases

A well-timed email can be the make-or-break difference for your retargeting campaign – We’ll help you build brand loyalty, improve the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and make the most out of your marketing budget.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Email converts much more successfully than paid ads, but getting subscribers can be a challenge – We’ll help you create sustainable and effective email strategies that will delight customers the moment  it hits their inbox.

Let’s ramp up your digital marketing today

It’s time to scale your business with a profit-first mentality – partner with the team that will go above and beyond to deliver results on day one.

Email Marketing

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Boost Your Email Results with Porter Media

Are you ready to grow your brand with the highest ROI marketing channel? If so, get in touch with Porter Media, here on our website. You may also want to browse through our other services and see our email marketing track record by checking out our case studies here.

Let's harness the power of email marketing and watch your revenue skyrocket without spending a single dollar more on ads!

Porter Media Advantage

Our integrated multi-channel solutions provide complete synergy across all digital marketing touchpoints, from the moment you acquire a customer through paid ads, to continually engaging them via email marketing campaigns, and then to reconverting them on your website.

We offer a full suite of services to help you understand your audience and their problems. This gives you more insights you can use to maximize your retention and customer LTV.

Our approach has helped generate a 400% increase in the number of returning customers for V-Flat Online Photography Retailers, as well as a 20% boost to the 60-day LTV of one of our other clients.

How to Do It Right

Once you have someone's email address, you can communicate with them directly. This allows you to build a strong relationship with your followers.

But just because you have email subscribers doesn't mean they're becoming customers. Here's how to convert your subscriber list into customers:

  • Collect the Right Subscribers: Not all subscribers are created equal. You don’t want just anyone on your mailing list – only those who are most likely to use your product or share it with others. Instead of blindly collecting everyone's email address, consider how you can optimize the collection of relevant addresses.
  • Segment Your Subscribers: Segmentation is the most effective way to increase your email conversion rates. 77% of email ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns that offer the right product to the right customer at precisely the right moment.
  • Don’t Burn Out Your List: Rather than spamming subscribers in the hopes of short-term profit, view email as a way to develop long-term relationships with followers. One of the ways to start doing so is to make emails personal and to share truly useful or entertaining content.
  • Track Analytics and Optimize: Your open and click rates may be influenced by factors that you don't even know about. So analyze your best subject lines, content, topics, and links to discover what’s most effective.
  • Make the Call-to-Action Obvious: The key to a successful email marketing campaign is a call-to-action that is very clear, succinct, and transparent. This will get you more clicks and ultimately sales.

Why Invest In Email Marketing?

Scaling your brand means more than just attracting new customers. To do it effectively, you need to find a way to keep the customers you already have.

Email marketing offers the highest ROI of any marketing channel and is the best channel for retention. On average, for every dollar spent by email marketers, they receive $36 in return!

Here are other reasons why email marketing is worth it:

  • Subscribers’ Preferred Communication Channel: The big reason you should invest in email marketing is simply that consumers love it! It allows them to access information or promotions instantly, and they never have to worry about missing out.
  • It’s Low-cost: Email marketing is a very low-cost option compared to traditional and digital advertising. Most email marketing solutions offer affordable plans that can grow with your business.
  • Build Customer Loyalty: By regularly providing quality content to your subscribers, you will be more likely to attract repeat customers.
  • Promote Your Offer: Email marketing can be a very effective way to inform your customers about your promotions, discounts, and new product launches.
  • Reach Users On Mobile: You can reach your audience at the times they're most likely to see your message: on mobile devices, during their lunch hours, and while they're on the go.
  • Easy Results Tracking: With email marketing solutions, you can easily measure the performance of your marketing campaigns. You’ll immediately know your open rate, CTR, and other metrics.
  • Almost Instant Results: Within minutes of sending your email, you can quickly see the results, such as whether a promotional code is used.